After my residency, I spent several years in Vienna General’s Gynaecology-Feto-Maternal Department, with focus on breast cancer and habilitated in scintimammography, in cooperation with Prof. Sinzinger.

Every week I operated on several patients with breast carcinoma. In this department, my colleagues and I treated around 400 breast cancer patients every year. I was the chief resident for the ward, and frequently deputised for the department head. I also often chaired the “oncology council”, a weekly meeting to agree the therapies for individual cancer patients.

After seven eventful years my desire to develop further, both professionally and personally, moved me to change departments. So, over I went to Prof. Leodolter, with whom the focus was on gynaecology and gynaecological oncology. At my surgery, of course, I also continue to look after breast cancer patients as before.


I love medicine. That is the motivation behind my work.

In my 25 years at Vienna General Hospital, where I have been Senior Physician since 1994, I have never had a day of humdrum routine. Every shift offers new challenges and tasks.

All difficult and risky gynaecological and obstetrics cases, from all of Vienna’s other hospitals, are brought to our department in Vienna General. This means that, as senior consultant with overall responsibility, I am constantly faced with changing intellectual, technical and operational demands.

These challenges are important to me. They keep me on my toes, and make sure I continue to develop as a doctor.

On top of this, as is normal in a university hospital, I am also habilitated as a teaching professor, and am involved in research.

My chief areas of research are breast cancer, endometriosis, myoma and laparotomy (minimally-invasive surgery). This focus naturally carries over into my clinical work.